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Bespoke Packages Will Be Built Based On Your Brand Objectives And Start From £750 Per Month (Basic Package)

Strategy & Planning

A strategy is knowing where you want to be. A plan is how you’ll get there. Every brand should have one of each tailored to their needs.

Platform Management

You don't have to be on every social platform but the one(s) you are on, you should do well. We can help you choose which ones are best for your brand and manage them for you.

Brand Photography

My career started as a professional photographer, so it is natural for me to offer this service to my clients. I can create the content needed to then use on your social platforms.

Pictures matter and they will set you apart from your competitors. My Brand Photography service is designed to show your product or service through great and beautiful images. My goal is to create a story thru images!

Visuals and Image Design

We can create basic images and designs for your social media based on your specific brand style and values.

Content Creation

What are you going to write? When should you post? How often should you post? Don't worry, we can take care of all this for you.

One-On-One Services 

I am super happy to offer both in-person and online One-on-One training. This is where you get all your questions answered and you get clear on all things social media.

Book a 90min session for £249 or my favorite; a pack of 5x 1h of One-on-One sessions for £620, allowing us time to get to the nitty-gritty and enabling you to run your social media platforms on your own.


Engagement is one of the most important elements to grow your business online. All you need is time and consistency. Luckily, we can provide both.


Are your customers in a different timezone? Or maybe are they online during your busiest business hours? Scheduling your content helps you to stay top of mind with your customers, even when you're asleep or busy.


Newsletters have been around since the very beginning of internet marketing. Their simple and versatile structure makes for a highly effective method of communication with your readers. Few forms of digital marketing can capture your readers and keep them engaged as well as a newsletter.

I can help set a strategy for your email marketing, design the newsletter, create and curate their content AND manage their release and effectiveness.

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